Full Stack Engineer

Palo Alto, CA, United States


We're looking for a smart, creative hacker. We are partnering with universities like Purdue, NYU and Caltech to disrupt the $6B/year tutoring market. In our previous work as tutors, we realized just how awful of a process it is to try to advertise and market tutoring services on one's own. It is even worse for the students looking for tutors. There is simply nowhere for them to go. Search Twitter for "math tutor" and you'll see just how many kids go without tutors because the simply can't find or afford them. It's a classic problem of an inefficient market.

We have a passion for making tutoring more accessible and easier for all parties involved by building THE central marketplace for tutoring. 

We're looking to bring on a full stack engineer. We work mostly with Python/Django and iOS. We have no prerequisite on experience, and only require that you are a competent, creative hacker who can write simple, elegant code. We have backend data needs, front end products to build, and mobile apps. There's lots to do!

Salary is competitive and you will get significant equity. Full time, or for the summer (June 15 - September 15). We are based in Palo Alto. You don't have to be, but it's much better if you are.

Join us. Fill out the application below. Email blakeapm@gmail.com if you have any questions about the position.